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Taking the right decisions for the growth of your business is the quality of a Smart Businessperson. So You have made your choice to invest in which top Social Media Platform to enhance your business. Hopefully, you understood the benefits of Social Media Marketing that were discussed earlier.

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So, now’s the time that you dive deeper into Social Media.

But before moving further, in which social media sites will you invest? Will you focus on a particular social media platform or all of them? Which social media platform is going to be the game-changer for your business? So many questions to be asked by yourself before diving into the action.

Take some time to think of all the answers to these questions and then move ahead with your plan.

There are hundreds of Social media platforms out there on the play store, but not all of them are important for your business. You have to make a choice among all the social media platforms available and focus only on a few of them.

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In this article, we are going to know the Top Social Media sites for your business that helps small businesses to reap the most out of their social media marketing efforts.

Facebook, being the most extensively used social media platform is at the top of our list. With over 2 billion active users, Facebook has gained so much popularity that it is essential for all business owners to be present on it.

If your business goals are to create brand awareness, increase website traffic and generate new leads, then Facebook should be your first priority. Facebook is capable of making a positive impact on your business growth and helps you achieve your marketing goals.

You might be thinking that if Facebook has so many potential customers and large audience, then “how can I display my business on Facebook?” So let me tell you, my friend, that Facebook offers you Facebook Ads Manager where you can launch your advertisement campaigns at a very reasonable price.

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Facebook’s Advertising Platform allows you to target a specific audience on the basis of age, gender, income, interests, hobbies, occupation and much more. Using the ads manager, you can run your ads and force them to display in the newsfeed of your targeted audience. 

Simple, isn’t it? It is the most enhanced advertising platform among all the available social media platforms.

You can effectively use Facebook’s Advertising Platform for your business, provided that you have a separate budget for running ad campaigns.

As you all know that Instagram was acquired by Mark Zuckerberg, Founder, and CEO of Facebook. Thus, the Facebook Ads Manager allows you to run ads on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously. Also, Instagram has its own specific benefits other than Facebook.

Instagram, is a visual social media platform, can be used to increase the reach of your posts and grow your audience organically. Posting engaging photos and videos on Instagram can be very impactful for your brand awareness and eventually for the overall business. 

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Pinterest is one of the displays of social media platforms. If your business is all about creativity, then Pinterest can do the favor for you. It is found that out of total users of Pinterest, 84% are women pinners. Pinterest also provides you to run ad campaigns for your business, which can help you in boosting your reach and track all the performance. 

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Snapchat is number 5 in our list of top 10 social media platforms. Photos or Videos (i.e. Snapchats) can be send using Snapchat app. About 90% of Snapchat users are youth (aged between 18-35). So if your target audience comprised of young people then Snapchat can be your choice. Snapchat also provides you a paid advertising options that can be used to reach the targeted audience. It is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in this digital world.

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YouTube having more than 2 billion users is a great way of sharing video content to the world. Google has the most advanced advertising platform that can be used for YouTube ads also. Without spending much, you can have better search rankings in YouTube search page. You just have to focus on creating an engaging video, give its description, add the relative tags and keywords and you are good to go.

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Twitter is one of the oldest social media platforms. About 330 million people are active users of Twitter, that’s why it is included in our list of top 10 social media platforms. Twitter is unique due to its use of hashtags called “tweets”. People can search for your business using hashtags. You must have noticed that Celebrities, Politicians, Industrialists & Businessmen, and all other important personalities keep tweeting on Twitter. So it’s a good opportunity to tell them about your business.

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LinkedIn with around 300 million users consists of the professional details of the people. It differentiates on the job titles, employees of a company & their professional knowledge. If you have a B2B business model, then LinkedIn could work for you. If your target audience is of some specific business or job title, then LinkedIn can help you reach them.

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Facebook messenger is an integral part of Facebook only but you have to download it separately from the Play Store. Facebook Messenger allows you to send direct messages to your audience. It has some additional options that you can use for your benefit and that’s why it is number 2 on our list of top 10 social media platforms.

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Facebook Ads Manager allows you to create ads. If visitors click on your displayed ad, then they are redirected to the messenger app where they can start a conversation with your business page.

Messenger can be used to build trust between you and your potential customers.

Yelp is a review platform is included in our list of important social media platforms because it affects your brand’s reputation and image. People on Yelp leave reviews about the services they used. With 170 million Yelp visitors, it becomes important for you to ensure that the reviews posted by people on Yelp about your business come out to be positive. Otherwise, it can hamper your business’s growth. 

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Here, the list comes to an end. Hope you can now easily choose between these top 10 social media platforms. In the next article, we would be telling you the in and out of the social media budget, till then you decide which social media sites will be good for you to invest in according to your business model. If you have any queries, then feel free to contact us. We at HypeLoud are there to help you with our expertise in Social Media Marketing.

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