8 Best Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement for Your Brand

8 Best Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement | Hypeloud

Before we start telling you the ways of Increase Social Media Engagement, Let’s talk about what the word “Social Media Engagement” means? 

Best Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement  | Hypeloud

Social Media Engagement measures the number of people that interacted with your business page or social media profile through likes, comments, tweets or shares. The engagement has nothing to do directly with the sales but it is important to bring new prospects and create brand awareness among your targeted audience.

Understanding the power of social media, business owners are finding ways to increase their social media engagement. Some brands who don’t know how important social media engagement is are struggling to get the most out of their social media marketing efforts.

People who are spending a lot on running social media ads but getting a cold response, then there is a need that they mend their strategies of social media marketing. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then this article will fade away all your problems regarding social media engagement.

Here, we will tell you the 8 best ways to increase social media engagement for your brand.

  • Post Regularly  

Keep posting regularly so that your posts come at the top of people’s newsfeed. Posting frequently increase the visibility of your brand. Also, it helps customers to remind that you exist and have something interesting to say. But it’s not like you keep posting the whole day. That will look like spam to users. One to three posts can be good for a day.

  • Insist on Visual Content

One of the best ways to engage users is visual content. Content in the form of images and videos attracts users to click on the play button just by showing an interesting thumbnail. 

In research, it has been found that images and videos have lead to an increase in the interaction rate of people on Facebook and YouTube by 78%. In fact, Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube are a big success because of their use of visual storytelling. 
So, it’s better that you focus on creating engaging images and videos in order to increase the engagement to your social media. 

  • Add Humor to your Posts

It has been observed that people engage with those brands who give them a reason to smile. You can become the reason for their smile by including humor to your posts and content, if appropriate with your business.

In the buzz of fast-moving life, it’s good that you add value to people’s lives. This will attract them towards your brand. Humorous content brings a smile to people’s faces and eventually build a favorable image of your brand.  It is likely that you see an increment in the number of likes and shares as people share the content that makes them laugh.

  • Use Emoticons with text

You must have noticed that some of the textual content conveys a different sense or meaning. It’s good to use emoticons with your text to give readers a better understanding of your sense and feeling. You should include emoticons according to the text that you share on your page. 
Be cautious while using emoticons. One or two emoji will do the work but using more than that will show immaturity of your brand. So, it’s better to use the emoticons well to increase the engagement. 

  • Make them Comment & Review your Posts

In social media marketing, people’s response holds great value in deciding your business success. You should ask your past customers to leave a review or feedback. Also, you can ask your audience to comment on what they think about your business. If your business page has positive reviews on social media, then it can help your potential customers to decide whether they should take your product or services.

Comments and Reviews can make or break the image of your business. If positive, then such reviews will build your brand’s reputation. Just be cautious while asking your audience to review on your social media. Because you cannot bribe anyone to leave a positive review about your products and services. That will be legally wrong and you can be penalized for such false reviews.

  • Sponsor Contests & Giveaways

Nowadays, what social media marketing experts do is that they offer you a product (in the form of prize or giveaway) ask you to share or review a post to get a chance of winning that giveaway. What happens through this is people share or review in the hope of getting a giveaway and that eventually helps you to increase the social media engagement. 

Also, you can organize an online contest for your audience to make them feel attracted to your brand. Such posts must be eye-catching and appealing in order to receive people’s valuable attention. Giveaways can be anything like a watch, a free ebook, free software, or anything related to your business.

  • Be Real

Avoid sounding professional and promotional every time. Show your audience that you really care for them and not in the market just to increase your sales. This will make a connection between the brand and your customers. They are more likely to trust your brand and eventually gets engaged with your business. 

Business pages that only have promotional and business-related posts are much likely to be ignored by the people. So, make sure that you don’t repeat that mistake on your business page.

  • Show Surprising Statistics

One of the best ways to get people’s attention is to share something that they haven’t heard before. A factual description of your business or some interesting statistics will attract people on social media. Not everyone comes for entertainment on social media, some are also interested in getting knowledge out of it.

You can share testimonials of your past customers, or a surprising stat of your company, or the results of a survey. Just keep in mind that whatever you share, should be relating to your business and to the interests of your targeted audience. 

Hope now you know enough about social media engagement. Everything in this world takes time to show results, same goes with social media marketing. You have to be consistent with your efforts and strategies in order to reap the desired results. It takes time to understand the online behavior of your audience and then giving them what they expect from you. You can use User Insights to know your audience better. 

Ultimately success takes a consistent and conscious effort with time. So you keep your efforts intact and above tips will help you to increase the social media engagement of your brand. If you are still not sure, what to do? Then feel free to contact us here. We at HypeLoud has always a better plan for your social media marketing. 


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