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As you all know, Backlinks have been the backbone of Off-Page SEO. Not only they are important but keeps on changing on a regular basis. Such a change in the backlinks is coming in the near future. In this article, we are going to know about the latest update that Google has released.

What is the Backlink update? by Google.

This update has been launched earlier in the previous month but is not applicable till the end of this year. The new backlink’s update will be applicable after a few months only. Being a digital marketer, I suggest you keep yourself a leap ahead of competitors by knowing the ins and outs of every update before its official release.

So, let us discuss what this new update is all about and how it will impact your strategy to off-page SEO. Google has introduced some new syntaxes of backlinks which we are going to know as we move further in this article. 

Types of Backlinks


As the name suggests, Sponsored backlinks are the backlinks that we get from other domains by paying them. The backlinks that we get from guest posts are sponsored backlinks

What happened earlier was that the backlinks in the guest posts worked as an external link for the website’s owner. A reader was sent to some other website whose link is included in the owner’s website. People started a business out of it. Paid backlinks were provided in the name of guest posts and money was charged to give these backlinks to websites’ owners. This created confusion as Google’s algorithm couldn’t differentiate between a real backlink and a paid backlink. 

To get rid of this confusion, Google has released this update in which the website’s owner has to specify that the backlink is sponsored or not. 

Syntax (Earlier): 

<a href = “” rel = “no follow”> keywords <a/>

This was the syntax earlier where we write “no follow” or do-follow” to specify.

Syntax (After Update):

Now, the syntax would be like this:

<a href = “” rel = “sponsored”> keywords <a/>


<a href = “” rel = “no follow sponsored”> keywords <a/>

This will help Google to identify that the backlink is sponsored or not. “No-follow sponsored” will work the same as that of “no follow”. Therefore, it will not increase your search engine rankings as Google doesn’t emphasize on paid and sponsored backlinks use.

UGC Backlinks:

UGC stands for User Generated Content. The syntax of UGC backlinks would be 

<a href = “” rel = “ugc”> keywords <a/>

Now, you have to comment “ugc” instead of “do follow”. UGC backlinks will specify that the user has itself commented on his post and left his website’s link here. Google will consider it as a “no follow” backlink.

So, as a conclusion, the two types of backlinks (Sponsored and UGC) will be considered as “No Follow” backlinks by Google. 

When this update will be applicable?

Till March 1, 2020, no changes will be seen in the syntax of backlinks. After the mentioned date, this update will get applicable. As I told you earlier, that this update will specify sponsored and ugc backlinks as No-follow backlinks. This is the only major change in this update. 


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