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Building trust, better leads, increasing customer loyalty? Content marketing is the best strategy for all. On today’s date, it’s not just for business and it wants, it’s called the new customer’s side. It helps better evolve what is being expected by brands which customers interact along for needs. Every investment made in it is worth every penny. Whether it may be fashion or travel or any other industry, one needs better content than ever before. Just, for example, the financial industry comes up with knowledge centers, Financial industry becomes more tilted towards the creation of informative videos and the eBooks. By all means, content marketing has taken over the world and helping the customers as well as the businesses to meet the financial goals. Information-rich contents show customers, “You Deserve Better and Best”. If a question still exists as to why content marketing, below-mentioned points are enough to provide clarity:

1. It helps build an accurate level of buyer personas and segments.
2. Brings in personalization which helps customers have a better experience.
3. It helps build trust and awareness for the brand.
4. It seems to be a great help for better organic search or the SEO which helps generate better leads and attracts buyers.
5. Helps increase shares on social networking sites and makes the chance of website visit higher.
6. It helps build backlinks.

How Content Marketing Helps Small Business?

For small businesses, content marketing serves the right purpose. It helps them maintain a brand identity helps the audience connect better. It also helps to gain a competitive advantage over the competitors and build healthy relationships with present and potential customers. In the era of a dynamic world, it helps a brand to generate more website traffic and be a field expert to take over the customers and competitors. Not much is demanded by content marketing, all one needs is better content which is the reason for high media visibility with better returns. For small businesses, content marketing serves out best, as customers research and better content brings in trust and reliability towards the brand and assures consistency over demand.

Greater return on investment

With Content marketing taking over, advertisements seem to be costlier these days. It is cheaper and costs 62% less than traditional marketing strategies. Content marketing not just reduced cost but also helps generate 3 times better leads than before. It drives in traffic and brings in brand visibility by opening doors towards new prospects with high social shares. The higher the traffic, the more expected is the chance of converting leads and a better business aspect. For small businesses, content marketing seems to be the right way to reach out large and derive better results. Among its type, Email is the widely growing and highly targeted means of content marketing for the best ROI. Research says that 760% higher is the rate of revenue which is resulted from high targeted email campaigns. With a pinch of personalization, the targeted audience and the right customers receive the true message which brands try to reach out to the general public at large. It’s one of the best revenue driving techniques which not just helps in growth but also helps the customer receive an idea of, “Where can they receive true value for what they spend.”

Higher conversion rate

Disappearance is not what business demand. It needs consistency which on today’s date, the pay-per-click ads are unable to provide. Cost increases but not the conversion rates. 73% is the total percentage of unsatisfied businesses with investments they made to reach out to the customers. But with the entry of content marketing, the businesses found 12 times the lead than in the past and these leads became the reason for more than 5 times converting rates. Unreal it seems but content marketing is the reason why businesses are driving in more conversions and revenue than before and assuring a better future towards what the businesses aspire for.

Lowered acquisition rate

Traditional marketing costs rise every year and on today’s date, it is considered one of the most expensive means to reach out to the customers at large. The key spots and largely earned ad clicks is unable to reach out to the expectations of the businesses. Studies show that businesses which use content marketing have seen a lowered acquisition rate, i.e., a drop by 80% which in case of traditional means was never possible as the same went high every year. This decline is not stable to 80%, it keeps decreasing year after year, the results of which can be well seen in just 24 months. On today’s date, for every business (especially small businesses) that plans for sustainable and long-term business needs, use the content marketing strategies to derive more at a declining cost. It helps them sustain and maintain the budget within which they planned to function and in case of traditional means of marketing might have never been possible.

Help in making a brand

Ever wondered why content marketing works or why people click on ads which are connected to the same? The answer is the transparency and the level of in-depth information that content marketing brings in for the targeted audience. It’s a cost-effective means to reach out to the public at large and make your brand a noticeable one. The offer we provide must be compelling enough to drive the audiences and this is what is presented by content marketing. 45% agreed to the fact of the compelling offer while its double presented brands to think that they are on the right path. Yes, they were able to recognize the brand which they saw, clicked and converted. On one hand, where traditional marketing focuses on more media outlets whose expenses are increasing year after year, content marketing focuses on transparency and vital information of need. Might be this is the reason why audiences are shifting focus from TV commercials, billboards and annoying ads to the blogs, product descriptions, FAQs, etc. Content marketing makes customers focus on information than the visual effects which traditional marketing is more focused on. It is more tilted towards the experience and brand awareness, rather than just presenting people with an idea of existence. Every business which keeps track over returns has been found to shift over content marketing methods instead of adopting the traditional means to reach the customers. For the content marketing tactics to bring in brand name and awareness is better than a declining business with increased cost.

Increased loyalty

The customer has a better insight into the brands which they see offering quality content. Among the reach of digital marketing, they find the connection between better content and its presentation. With better content, brands present the customers with a clue to why they are an important resource and why their brand must have their purchase. It’s not always the services and solutions, customers care for, it’s also the value the brand presents and this is how content marketing works. They provide customers with reliable resources which is what makes the brand gain trust. It is a proven fact that the more valuable the customer find the resource provided by the brand, the more of purchases they make through it. For a brand to succeed, value has become more important than optimization of sales and content marketing provides value to the leads which help build credibility and better authority over the audiences targeted. It’s leverage to derive benefit by presenting the truth. With every challenge brands try overcoming with their customers and showing them what they face and are being presented, the brand is more likely to succeed as people find the difference. They trust the guidance that is being presented and they are encouraged to use the products and services which can truly bring value to their lives.

Better online reputation

What is content marketing strategy is the question which not all understand? But those who do, find custom content to bring more positive mindset with their customers. Research shows that 82% of customers trust such contents and 80% believe that a better insight towards the company and what it presents helps them better. The more transparent the customer find, the more appreciation company gains. Content marketing is hence getting a happier customer than the traditional means to reach customers and have leverage over them. It brings in positive reviews as the customers feel connected with brands. For the customers, any brand that does wrong is a reflection of their judgment and not just the brand. It builds up a trust which makes them approach personally rather than voicing up, as it was not the brand which hard-sell them, it was they who got influenced by what was presented to them. This is how Content marketing works and helps avoid negative reviews. Reviews are today the means to judge the brand. 90% of customers buy after they are satisfied with a review. Whether it is small or big, businesses have to maintain the reviews as with every rating they lose, 10% of their revenue goes down.

Reaching Customers How They Want to Be Reached

Digital marketing alone cannot succeed in today’s date as customers are in demand of content marketing approach. Customers block ad at an increasing rate as for them it is irrelevant, annoying and intrusive. In the US 30% of internet users use an ad blocker and for businesses concentrating or younger demographic, its rate goes high faster. For around 80% of users prefer content over ads and the same percentage finds it helpful to derive information when it comes to choosing a brand or a particular product. Among all, 60% of users have agreed to find contents more influencing then ads which help them improve their buying decisions. With better content business can lead out in the market and get more conversions than before. So, it’s a personal choice, whether one sticks to the question “Why digital marketing” and makes a move or continues along with same means of digital marketing and “remain on the blocked ad list of targeted audiences”.

Increase visibility in searches

Finding a product or service is easy. A customer just needs to use the search engine and get what they look for. This is the reason why content marketing is gaining importance. SEO or Search Engine Optimization help brands to optimize their sites rank high on SERP and help find customers what they look for. SEO and your brand visibility are directly proportional to the content marketing, as it works better with quality content and more the site is optimized the higher is the chance of its visibility. With every question the customers search, just for example, “Best room heaters”, the higher is the chance that they will reach out to your website and learn more about it if the right SEO is present. It has been a proven fact that brands with blog experience receive 434 times more indexed pages by the search engines which in turn bring more opportunity and for people to find it in organic search results. A win-win for both the customers as well as the brand is why content marketing is important.

Why Content Marketing Should Be
Your Next Investment?

Traditional marketing, Digital marketing, every marketing strategy which worked fine till the 20th century. It helped customers with a list of must-have. Whether it may be toys or vehicles or food items, all worked fine until people were introduced with the idea of what content marketing is and how content marketing works. Some of the reasons why content marketing is important and should be your next investment are:

  • It presents a voice which is more personalized than an advertisement circulated with some visual effects. Customers on today’s date look for real content than fake advertisements.
  • It helps customers understand the story and decide why they should choose your brand. Story-telling is an art and with presenting customers with real-life stories, the brand does gain importance and make people realize the importance of your product and what makes it different than others.
  • Showcases the expertise of how well the brand deserved to be noticed for its hard work.
  • It is one of the cost-effective means and better for long-run. It brings in more revenue than it takes away for reaching the public.
  • Helps improve SEO and makes sure to have better brand visibility among the high position holding competitors.
  • Its improve and increases sales conversation. The more customer knowledge and are provided with information, the more they are influenced to reach out to a brand.
  • Better to have brand awareness and loyalty. It is not short-term and functions along with the long-term ideas and betterment of not just the brand but also the customers who approach the brand.

All the above-mentioned points show how and why content marketing is important. It’s a brand personal choice if they want to go along the traditional means or present the customers with what they demand.


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