Types of Content Marketing You Can Use To Grow Your Business

Types of Content Marketing You Can Use To Grow Your Business | hypeLoud

Content marketing has occupied an important space for businesses, irrespective of the industry and its size. It is one of the most powerful strategies of Digital marketing. But sometimes, even amidst the powerful strategy, one needs to make a choice between varied types of Content marketing which helps the business grow. Here is the best type of content marketing which can help a business boost its sales.

Types of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a wide concept which includes options more than what can be offered by any means to reach out to the targeted audiences. Some of the best-used marketing strategies are:

1. Blogs

One of the most popular and widely used means of content marketing for small-sized businesses are blogs. There are the best means to improve SEO and drive in traffic using the search engines. The budget, within the same, it’s the best supplement for any advertising means which has content inbound. 434% more indexed pages than the ones who don’t is the result of blogs. The use of blogs increases the chance of being on the search engines on the first page and increase the inbound links.

Improvement in relationships with customers, providing valuable content to target customers, the target audience for considering the brand, with all these features blogs seem to be the most appropriate form of providing short-form content. Use of keywords will be beneficial and use of same will improve the search engine to guide them through one’s brand.

2. Videos 

Another best means to remain competitive is to have the attention of the targeted audience and engage them through visual effects. Videos hold more views today than ever (1/3rd of total online activity), hence making it one of the best types of content marketing to reach targeted audiences.

With best of ROI, they hold the position of great tactic. 157% increase in organic traffic is seen by Brands who use video and increases 105% time spent on your brand site. So why not increase the chances of increased sales? Just make sure to appeal the audience using the right content and topics. A better buyer journey starts with informational video content.

3. Infographics

Education with a better lead over customers? Well, Infographics is the best means to educate the audience. Visual content marketing, is one of the best types of content marketing which helps the audience visualize data and makes them understand why this?

They present eye-catching visuals which help understand the information presented better. If a business wants to choose infographics among varied types of content marketing, make sure to consider topics and its format to make sure that it’s well suited for audiences concerned.

Any information or content which can use visual aid is a great infographic topic. It explains complications, statistics on the current date, understand better and help business and product have a diagrammatical experience.  You can use CanvaPiktochart, or Infogram to create these pieces of content yourself.

4. Case studies

Among types of content marketing, case study holds an important position. It’s a presentation of customers stories which showcases how a particular business helped them grow and become a success. It is the best means to highlight services or products or some special applications. It helps provide a better understanding of what might be useful for a customer. A real-life example is always better than the product specifications and general applications.

A right choice of the customer to is needed herein. A strategic approach towards them will be helpful. Apart from the same, the inclusion of quotes and statistics will help illustrate the business well. 

Use it on a website or piece of it might be used for blogs or eBooks or sometimes even on social posts. Every piece of it holds an important matter which is going to affect business significantly by providing the right value to the business.

5. eBooks

If you are looking out for long-form content, eBooks are the best presentation for clients. Instead of making a 5-10 page ad, one must try using the keyword of value. It should be able to provide useful information with better insight into the targeted audience. It targets on building relationships and trust for the brand.

Different types of content marketing, hold the importance of their own but eBooks are best to collect lead information. It follows a policy of giving and takes, for the audience who approach, they need to provide their personal information in order to get a download of eBook. 

eBooks need a bit investment but they are long-term benefit giver. Leads generated through this investment will provide better ROI and worth a try.

6. White papers

Similar to eBooks, it is long-form content. It is also called lead magnet as its more information-rich and data-driven which seems to be more focused than an eBook. For B2B, they serve the best purpose among all other types of content marketing. Also helpful for businesses which want to gain leadership and respect in the industry.

As per surveys conducted 76%, buyers seemed to be interested in sharing personal information in white paper exchange. Making to know the targeted audience better, the white paper helps gain a long lead and provide collecting information which shows it to be gated.

One must ensure landing page content to be specific with a white paper download as this helps the user know what piece of content one can expect. Any information provided will help understand the need better therein. 

7. Checklists

Checklists or worksheets are meant to achieve the desired outcome by following step-by-step lead over things. It acts as better assets for businesses. With easy creation and promotion, the target audience with significant value.

Checklists share or make it a blog post, checklists will always be beneficial. With increased share and repurposed content, value generates for businesses from investment.

8. Interviews

Among different types of content, marketing interviews hold a special position. Interviews with industry experts and customers provide valuable information for site visitors. It’s a better means to understand the challenges and needs. Best ways are holding webinar using Facebook live, recording content and making it available on-site and YouTube, use a blog for the content of the interview, Make sure to take opportunities and get interviewed by 3rd party. 

Make sure to choose well which part of the interview provide better content for targeted audiences.

Apart from these 8 above mentioned types of content marketing, here are some more – Social media posts, GIFs and Memes, video contents (Company Culture, Vlog, Product demonstrations), Brackets, Calculators, Quizzes, Polls, Contest, Magazines, 360 degree video, Screenshots, GIFs, Memes, Images, User guides and manuals, User-generated content, Awards, FAQs, Comparison sheet, Testimonials, Resource centres, Product content and guides, Quotes, Status, How-To Tutorials, etc are some of the best means to reach out to audiences.

The complete information provided above gives a clear idea of what is and what is not needed by the business and what exactly is the right means to approach the crowd and make sure to entertain them with valuable information. 

I think you have now understood how you have to allocate your budget so that your hard-earned money doesn’t get wasted. If you still think that you can’t do all these things yourself, then you can give us a chance to help you with Social Media Marketing. Being a social media marketing company, HypeLoud will make sure that your money is spent only for the betterment of your business. Feel free to contact us here. We are always there to serve you.


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